Saqb’e: Building a sustainable, green, equitable and inclusive path

Saqb’e: Building a sustainable, green, equitable and inclusive path

This is a proposal to promote opportunities for indigenous families and persons with disabilities as a basis for reducing inequality, advocating for national programs and promoting territorial development, which is being negotiated with Racial Equity 2030 as part of the Call for Bold Solutions to Drive an Equitable Future.

The project will be developed in 7 Central American indigenous territories and communities: Maya Kaqchikel, Q’eqchi and K’iche areas in Guatemala, Miskitos in Nicaragua, Bribris in Costa Rica and Gunas in Panama. These are all priority sites where the project’s lines have been implemented.

The project will promote changes to overcome conditions of inequality, exclusion and discrimination of indigenous peoples, youth, women and people with disabilities through: 1) the implementation of Integrated Indigenous Community Development Plans (PIDCOs), 2) the empowerment of people with disabilities, 3) training processes for children, youth and women through Leadership Schools, and 4) the promotion of investments in indigenous and rural communities for the development of the green economy. The consortium will advocate for public policies on education, sustainable development, local economy and disability.

The Consortium managing this proposal is formed by Asociación Sotz’il (Proponent), Asociación Balam, Asociación Bajareque and Asociación Guatemalteca por el Autismo (Partners). which has a support team, made up of a group of multidisciplinary experts with extensive professional and academic experience in the management of public policies focused on social development, education, indigenous peoples and disabilities.

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Asociación Balam

Asociación Bajareque


Asociación Guatemalteca por el Autismo