We work for the recognition, respect and fulfillment of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the world
Through our participation in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity we influence the processes of negotiation, construction and implementation of policies, programs and projects related to Indigenous Peoples and Territories.

Since 2016, our Association globally coordinates the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity.

Our motivation is to make visible the role of Indigenous Peoples in the protection and conservation of ecosystems, species and genetic diversity.

80% of the planet’s biodiversity is found in territories that are managed by Indigenous Peoples.

We create and promote proposals to protect the different ways of life of Indigenous Peoples, their natural resource governance systems and their contribution to biodiversity conservation.

Through our work we contribute to the recognition, respect and implementation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits derived from the utilization of genetic resources.