Indigenous Women

We promote the participation and empowerment of Indigenous Women through our gender equality policy.

All of our plans, programs and projects are based on gender equity and contemplate values and principles of the Mayan cosmovision.

We create and promote spaces for participation with a gender perspective in the planning, design, coordination and execution of community projects, both national and international.

We promote the participation of indigenous women in spaces for dialogue, advocacy and negotiation at regional, national and international levels.

We support local and organizational processes of women entrepreneurs in the Kaqchikel Volcanic Chain through the promotion and strengthening of processes of recognition and enforcement of their rights with a focus on the use, management and conservation of natural resources.

Retrato de mujeres indígenas del mundo

Our work is based on:

Mujer indígena trabajando en el campo con heno, Guatemala.
Capacity building
Mujeres indígenas mayas con vestimentas tradicionales, Guatemala.
Technical assistance
Mujeres indígenas mayas repartiendo alimentos, Guatemala.
Community investment for their local economic enterprises

Through our model we have achieved:

  • Traditional medical attention to the population based on the knowledge and practices of the Mayan cosmovision
  • Traditional roduction and commercialization of traditional medicinal plants
  • Production and commercialization of organic fertilizer
  • Elaboration and commercialization of Mayan textiles from the region
  • Traditional production and commercialization of honey from melipona bees
  • Conservation and in vitro reproduction of endemic and endangered species
  • In vitro production and commercialization of ornamental, forest and fruit plants
  • Traditional production of native forest species and sale of pylons
Retrato de mujeres indígena mayas con vestimentas tradicionales, Guatemala.

Our motivation is to strengthen traditional knowledge and practices and to promote sustainable family and community economic models for Good Living.